What tools do you need to make your own scented candles?

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Scented candles can add interest to life. The aroma helps to relax and relieve stress. Girls who like scented candles are also very interested in their own DIY scented candles. They also relieve stress in the process of handicraft. Let's introduce the scented candle DIY tool.

making tool

Heating furnace, wax melting pot, wax core holder, extended stirring spoon, electronic scale, thermometer, special lighter, aromatherapy candle maintenance kit, mold, plasticine, hand twist, clip, sandpaper, special scraper, glue

DIY Candle Kits

Pure plant essential oils or candle fragrances: The essential oils or fragrances used to make scented candles are the source of the scent of the candle and the soul of the entire scented candle. Plant essential oils are more suitable for DIY masters to use. Generally, the taste that needs to be blended with different essential oils is better. It is more suitable for beginners to use candle fragrance, which is cheap and has many kinds, and it is very suitable for practice.

Coconut Wax: Candles made with coconut wax are mild and more expensive than soy wax. Those who pursue quality like to use this.

Soybean wax: Soybean wax is a common wax used in scented candles. It has more impurities, is softer and cheaper.

Beeswax: Beeswax is environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly, and it is usually chosen to be mixed with other waxes to increase the hardness and smoothness of candles.

Wax cores; cotton cores are usually selected for wax cores, which burn without sound and without odor.

Dried flower: There are two kinds of dried flower: prototype dried flower and pressed flower. The original dried flower is directly dehydrated and dried to maintain the three-dimensional prototype of the flower; the pressed flower is a flat flower.

Dyeing agent: There are two kinds of dyeing agent: solid and liquid. The effect of using it is similar. You don’t need to put too much when using it, and it can be fully colored with a little bit.

DIY candle kits


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