How to make DIY scented candles at home?

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Scented candles can not only add fragrance to the room, but also create a romantic atmosphere. There are candles in confession, dining, bathing, etc.

How to give him/her a special gift on a special day?

Homemade scented candles are your best choice

1. prepare materials

First you need a copy of DIY candle kits, including Candle Making Pot, Candle Making Thermometer, Metal or Wooden Stirring Sticks, Candle Wicks and more.

DIY candle kits

2. Melting wax

Add the prepared soybean wax (or beeswax or paraffin wax) to the wax melting pot. A larger pot of water should be added outside the wax melting pot, and it will melt through the water to prevent the wax liquid from being confounded by the high temperature.

3. the cup

Pour the melted wax into a glass. When melting wax, be careful not to control the temperature too high, try not to be too different from the room temperature, if the difference is too large, it will cause cracks on the surface of the wax when it solidifies and cools.

4. instill essential oils

Drop the essential oil you like into the wax liquid, and stir it evenly with a glass rod. The proportion can be controlled at about 5% to have a fragrance.

5. Insert the candle wick

When the wax liquid is almost cooled, insert the candle wick. After inserting the candle wick, if the wax surface is uneven, you can melt some wax liquid to cover it.

6. decorative embellishment

Dried flowers can be used for decoration and embellishment. Of course, the embellishments are based on personal preferences, such as peels and branches.

7. the production is completed

The finished scented candles can be lit and used as decorations. This hand-made gift has its own most sincere blessings.


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